Smart business advice

Although this service is called advice, that’s actually just one stage in a very thorough process.

We usually start with a strategic review that benchmarks your business performance with the best in class, similar companies in your industry. We’ll then carry out a detailed review and comparison with general industry trends, and the macro-economic variables that impact your business.

The intelligence we gather from this exercise immediately highlights areas for reducing cost base, minimising your tax bills and increasing margins. We then work with you to implement an action plan that focuses on the areas that will deliver the most benefit and increase the value and profitability of your business.

We’ve tailored this product to make it affordable to SMEs that need this key business intelligence but cannot afford the huge cost charged by other consultancies.

Adjusting to a changing landscape

Gone are the days when sales planning and forecasting was based on the previous quarter actual adjusted by the underlying growth. Businesses must now understand all the economic variables that directly affect how consumers purchase their goods and services in order to survive, grow and outperform the competition.

Understanding customer behaviour

Consumer purchases are a product of the interactions of both uncontrollable variables in the macro and micro business environment such as the state of the economy, GDP, disposable income of consumers, interest rate, new market entrants etc. and controllable variables such as customer services, price, quality, cost of goods sold, suppliers, cash flow etc.

Although businesses have no power over uncontrollable variables, by having insight into how these variables and economic indicators affect sales, you can manage your controllable variables to optimise sales, improve business performance and profitability. Only businesses that understand and plan an alternative scenario for the impact of their economic environment actually thrive and survive.

Preparing for anything

Our advice service can also look at the different planning scenarios and what ifs, and help you build risk into your planning – so you are aware of the risks and prepare for them.

In today’s global economy, it’s critical to monitor and understand new developments and emerging trends for your strategic planning, sales forecasting and risk management. Changes in interest rates, government policy, and other national factors affect local labour market and construction, which in turn drives consumer behaviour.