Modelling gives you a clearer understanding

We’ll help you build business and financial models that will help you answer these key questions:

  • How much cash do I need to enable my business survive?
  • How profitable are my products and services?
  • What is the most productive method of distributing my goods and services?
  • How many products do I need to produce to either cover costs or hit my profit objective:
  • Given constraints on resources in the short and medium-term, what services or products should I offer to maximise my margins and reduce my costs?
  • What is the optimum amount of stock to hold?
  • How do consumers respond to buying your products when prices change?

Cash flow planning

We believe cash flow is the lifeline of any business. Our priority is to help you model your cash flow plan with a solid credit control policy. We’ll also help you understand your cash cycle and build robust relationships with your creditors and bankers.

Profitability analysis & activity based costing

We build activity-based costing and driver models with time and capacity dimensions to help businesses understand their underlying cost base and the interactions of all the variables that drive their cost base. Businesses can only understand their cost base when they understand their cost drivers and processes, and how they impact on operational costs.

We’ll use insightful business intelligence and evidenced-based information to help you answer these questions:

  • How could I improve my business processes and cost of operations?
  • How profitable are my customers, should I charge them more? Am I overcharging them in relation to the service they get from me?
  • How profitable are my products? Could I do more to reduce the cost without affecting the quality?
  • Could I get more from supplier and contract negotiations?

Price modelling

We’ll build power, exponential, polynomial curves and models using key economic data and consumer consumption patterns to understand the relationship between the price offered for your goods and services, and the quantity demanded. We then use this insight to model the optimum price that would maximise sales and margins.

Solver/Business optimisation

We can also build models that will help you make better decisions relating to your product mix and cost of operations. We can provide robust answers to a variety of business problems that optimise your profitability in both the short and long-term. We can advise you on the best solutions that minimise your logistics and distribution costs, with advice on courses of action.

Our approach is to understand your unique business requirements and model a solution that enables you to meet your corporate objectives – which can include:

  • Product mix to maximise profitability within constraints faced in the business operations
  • Workforce scheduling to optimise personnel resource
  • Capital planning & Investment optimisation and prioritisation
  • EOQ & Stock policy – we also help businesses model their optimal stock level
  • Shadow pricing - we help business owners understand the opportunity and cost of making a scarce resource available.